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We specialise in sourcing the finest, left hand drive Land Rovers from southern Italy and Spain, which fit the criteria to be exportable to the US. The reason our Sourcing in Southern Europe is due to the warmer, dryer climate, which maintains these heritage vehicles.

All our vehicles are rigorously tested and checked to meet the criteria to ship to the U.S.

All vehicles are supplied with correct documents for importing into the US with matching numbers. We have a dedicated export team to handle the shipping from the UK to the US including customs clearance, and U.S overland shipping. Our U.S office is based in Virginia, see our contact page.

Our Process


We have spent years researching and developing our techniques to ensure the best quality end product.

Idea & Concept

We work together with the client to come up with ideas and concepts that they want in their vehicle.

Design & Production​

The design process starts next, with a huge selection of paint, upholstery finishes, and specs to choose from.

Sales & Service​

We offer a full delivery service to ensure you get your vehicle with correct documentation and customs clearance.

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